Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

Competition for the title of "Best Headman"

Competition for the title of "Best Headman"

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On April 3, in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin, the contest “The Best Headman - 2019” was held. The contest was organized by the Office of Educational Work.

     The competition for the title of “Best Elder” is held among elders of study groups, with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the activities of elders of study groups, involving young people in socially beneficial activities, developing student self-government, and improving the quality of social and educational work among students.
     The main objectives of the competition were to identify and promote the best elders of study groups, disseminate their experience, form the elders responsibility for the performance of their duties, successfully study students, participate in research, cultural, leisure, social activities, create a positive moral and psychological microclimate in school. group, increasing the role of elders in the system of student self-government, promoting and self-actualizing socially useful initiatives of students, protecting their rights and interests.
      The participants of the competition presented to the audience the self-presentation “I am the elder” - a mini-performance of the participants characterizing the social activity of the elder, his activity in the study group, at the faculty and at the institute. There were also videos of “Zhastar”, dedicated to the Year of Youth, musical numbers with curators of the groups. It should be noted that the elders of all departments prepared for glory. Despite the fact that the participants of the competition were different, all of them on this important day were united by a common desire to win.
    According to the results of the contest “The Best Headman of 2019”, Louise Kakimzhanova (Department of Foreign Languages, Russian Language and Literature) was recognized as the winner. The second place was taken by Temirkhanova Aselkhan (department of physics and mathematics), and the third - Mahatay Inkar (department of preschool and primary education).
    In a solemn atmosphere, the prize-winners and participants were awarded with commemorative certificates and prizes.

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