Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

Solemn celebration of Nauryz

Solemn celebration of Nauryz

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 Nauryz met in a special way in Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin. The faculty of the university replaced the strict suits with national clothes. Festive events were held at all the departments, guests were treated to traditional nauryz-kzhe, and everyone who participated took part in national games.

      The event was attended by the Rector of ArkGPI Seitbek Kuanyshbaev, who congratulated everyone on the Great Day of Ulus.
      On this day, theatrical performances were also held, many interesting things were told about the national traditions and customs of the Kazakh people. The singers performed songs dedicated to the spring holiday.

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