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II Urban Student Subject Olympiad in Pedagogy and Psychology

II Urban Student Subject Olympiad in Pedagogy and Psychology

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      February 2-23, 2018 In Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute, I. Altynsarin went through the II Student Olympic Subject Olympiad on Pedagogy and Psychology entitled "Looked at the Idea".

    The organizer of the Olympiad was the Department of Psychology under the guidance of the department Esirgepov V.Zh. The Danica Olympiad was a part of the students' creative work in the field of applied arts and teaching psychology and pedagogical disciplines, as well as for the preparation of future professionals in the field of professional activity.

      At the Olympiad, 12 teams were enrolled in the campus of the 2-3 year student at the Archprom. I. Altynsarin and Torgay College of Humanities. N. Kulzhanova. The Olympiad is held in two stages: theoretical and practical.
The objective assessment of the results resulted in the jury, who made a move to Temirbekov NM. - the chairman of the jury; the rector of the institute Archprom, c.n. Tasmaganbetova AG - Director of VN Rodinskii State University; Karashinova AS - Acting Director of BP №6; Samatova G.Sh. - Director of the department №4, Smagulova R.Zh. - head of the psychologist A.Baitursynov.
In the 2nd stage of the Olympiad with the diplomas of the III degree the team "Shamshyrak" (ArpGPI, department of the Kazakh language and literatures); II stage - "Freud's Followers" team (Archprom, Department of Pedagogy and Psychology); I-stage - team "Naturalists" (ArpGPI, chemistry department, biology and geography). The members of the other teams were nominated in the nominations, as well as the commanding staff and members of the jury.

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