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“Library - in the era of consciousness modernization”

“Library - in the era of consciousness modernization”

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On May 17, 2019, a regional forum “Library in the era of consciousness modernization” took place in the information library complex of the Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after I. Altynsarin.
     The purpose of the Forum is to unite librarians of the Arkalyk region to share experiences, develop new ideas and strategies for the development of modern libraries and promote reading, improve new technologies in library practice, improve their professional level, strengthen the positive image of the library profession, consolidate young professionals in libraries.

   Welcoming remarks were made by Almagul Antaeva, Director of the Department for Academic Affairs, and IBK Director, Sarsenkul Makhina. In her speech, the director of the information library complex spoke about the role of the institutional repository in library services. “Now is the time of global problems, and in order to meet the challenges of our time, it is necessary that the libraries also undergo transformation. That is, the library should not remain just an archive of the press, a book depository, it should become a multifunctional, multilevel, social and cultural institution of society, ”the director of the information and library complex said.
    During the forum, poster presentations were given by the head of the organizational and methodological department, Zhanar Smagulova, on the topic “University Library Activities: Forms of Activating Mass Work”; Deputy Director of the Regional Universal Scientific Library No. 2 of Roza Zhangaliyeva with the report “The Library and the Youth: Moving Towards”; the head of the department for the formation of the Maya Kubukir library fund with the report “IRBIS 64, the electronic catalog - the hardware здzed іздестіруегі Баст құрал”; employees of IBK Gulzhazira Alibekova with the report "Ruhani zagyru zhane kіtpkhana".
     The program of the forum was full of interesting speeches and in the framework of the round table "Modern Library in the educational information environment: experience, problems and solutions."
     Can a librarian become a stalker in the vast space of information chaos? What professional skills and qualities should a young library specialist have? Will the library be able to regain the role of an institution that influences the formation of the needs of young people? The participants of the Forum tried to find an answer to these and other questions - Damet Құsayin, director of the Centralized Library System of Arkalyka, Elena Utkelbaeva, methodologist for the library fund of the department of Arkalyk, Roza Kalimzhanova, head of the department of "Pedagogy and Psychology". During the discussions, there was a broad discussion of the problems of modern personnel policy in librarianship, as well as problems associated with continuous and additional professional library education.
     At the closing of the Forum, the results were summed up and the certificates were awarded. The guests noted the high professionalism of the staff of the library and information complex ArcGPI, which carried out large-scale work on the organization and holding of the Forum. It is very important that all the forum participants were presented with a great opportunity to speak, share their experiences, ask questions and discuss ways to solve the problems that were voiced by the speakers.

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