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“A healthy woman is a happy family”

“A healthy woman is a happy family”

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Maintaining and preserving the health of girls is a priority for modern society. After all, the intellectual, spiritual, moral growth of the next generation, as well as the political and economic development of our society, depends on this.

Therefore, the issue of girls' reproductive health must be approached with the utmost responsibility.
  On April 12, the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology within the framework of the activities of the Shanyraq School of Young Family organized a meeting of students of the Faculty of Philology with the obstetrician-gynecologist of the Arkalyk city maternity ward Svetlana Ayapova. Svetlana Seitovnaya held a lecture “Reproductive health of the girl”. The lecture was useful and relevant, addressed issues of women's health in general, current problems of reproductive health and the main ways to solve them in the future, ways of birth control. After the lecture, the girls had the opportunity to talk with the doctor in person and ask questions that concern them.
    We hope that the knowledge gained will help girls maintain health and have happy families in the future.

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