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90th anniversary of the birth of Gafu Kairbekov

90th anniversary of the birth of Gafu Kairbekov

 A literary evening dedicated to the poet, film director, scriptwriter, honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Gaf Kairbekov, the anniversary date of which is celebrated this year, was held in the information library complex of the ArkGPI named after I. Altynsarin.   

The event “Kafu-zhyry sanamyzda tür sairap” was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of Gafu Kairbekov. Librarian Akbota Khasenova introduced students with a biography, spoke about the work of our countryman. The literary heritage of Gafu Kairbekov could be more than twenty volumes - a huge collection of works and a worthy result of serving the people. People's poet of Kazakhstan, since 1980, the winner of the State Prize named after Abay, an honorary citizen of the cities of Arkalyk and Kostanay.

The guys got acquainted with the biography of the poet, watched a documentary film by Bakhyt Kairbekov “Everything about my father”. There were excerpts from the best works of Gafu Kairbekov. At the end of the event, a second-year student of the ArkGPI, Karlygash Alibek, sang a song to the verses of the national poet “Antoraly zhyr”. Also the book exhibition “Zhyr - Menin Zhaliz Tarlani” was presented.

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