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“Qyzdar sulu koriner talqamymen”

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In the framework of the decade "Zayirly elge - daryndy Urpak" at the department of "Pre-school and primary education" an event of the club of students "NAZ"

was held on the theme "Qyzdar sulu korіner talgamymen". The purpose of the event: the education of students the ability to dress with taste, respecting culture, taking into account the opinion of society; to bring up the sense of beauty, the love of beauty.
  The event as a guest was attended by: senior teacher of the department "Kazakh language and literature" A. A. Abdullin, senior teacher with the department "Pedagogy and psychology" G. B. Musirov. The guests of the evening shared their opinions on this topic. As well as asking questions to viewers to learn about their opinions and views.
   The event ended with the performance of the anthem of the club "NAZ".

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