Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

“Bala Shagtan-Bolashaka!”

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On October 16, under the guidance of the senior lecturers of the Department “Pre-primary and Primary Education”, the curator of the MDO-41 group,

A. B. Kara, and the curator of the DOV-42 group, R.K. Zhunusovoi, held an evening of acquaintance on the theme: “Bala Shagtan-Bolashaka!” The purpose of the event: acquaintance with first-year students, to educate students to organize, to feelings of solidarity and collectivism.
The event was led by students of the 4th course Sardarbekova A. and A. Kulmanova. The head of the department, Ph.D., Professor A.Ye. Duisebekov.
Undergraduates showed interesting sketches about student life, asked first-year students humorous questions. They also demonstrated their talents by performing various dances and songs. Thus, the audience was given a truly wonderful mood. The event was held at a high level. Faculty staff and students were very pleased.

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