Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

Visited children's shelter

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 The 1st year students of specialty "Preschool education" under the guidance of the curator of the group

M. Zh. Umbetova visited the orphanage. They gave you a nice feeling, giving attention and bringing joy to children.  Students played with children in different games. Watched their elated mood. The girls organized small gifts and treated to sweets. The children in the orphanage are very friendly and funny. Students had fun with them, had interesting games like:" cat - mouse"," Ring, ring", with them it was very fun to play.        The orphanage has all the conditions for the development of children, installed all the latest equipment, but it still does not replace them maternal affection. Of course, educators are doing everything possible, but children do not have enough family and loved ones. A child who is brought up in a family receives much more care, attention and love. These children also receive care and love, but from other people, so in their eyes see the sadness and longing.        And in the end I want to say: "Take care and love your children, and do not leave them, they need you!»

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