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Department of Kazakh Language and Literature

Rakhmetova Bazar Anasovna
Head of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature,
Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Tel .: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, .: 117
The department is located in the main building ArkGPI on the 3 floor, №329 cabinet
   Brief historical background 
   On the history of the Department of Russian Language and Literature. The department was founded in 1972 with the formation of Arkalyk Pedagogical Institute.
   In 1992-1994, the department of modern Kazakh language headed by Associate Professor Abisheva KM, in the period 1994-1999 - Senior Lecturer Abdihalykova B.M.
   In 1992-1996, head of the department of Kazakh literature and practical Kazakh, Russian language was k.f.n Yerzhanova G.K., in the years 1996-2001 - art. teacher Kenzheahmetov S.K.
   In August 2002, the order of the rector of the Institute Department of the Kazakh language and literature department of Russian language and literature have been combined, the department was headed by a joint PhD Abisheva K.M.
In the 2004-2005 school year, the head of duties. the department performed art. teacher Zheksembayeva L.B.
   Since 2005, the head of the department became k.f.n Rakhmetova B.A.
  On specialty 10.01.02 "Kazakh literature" in 1997 he defended his thesis senior lecturer in Valihanov Sh, 2004 - Senior Lecturer Rakhmetova B.A., 2006 - Senior Lecturer Duysebekova S.E.
   In 2003, specialty "Russian language" Associate Professor of Abisheva K.M. defended her doctoral thesis.
   Currently in the field 5В011700 - "Kazakh language and literature", 5В012100 - "Kazakh language and literature in schools with non-Kazakh language learning" work PhD, professor Valihanov SH.A .; PhD, professor B.D.Iskakova; PhD, Professor A.K. Kaliev .; PhD, professor Rakhmetov B.A.; Master of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Abdullin A.A.; Master of Education, Senior Lecturer Shakirov K.M.; Master of Education, Senior Lecturer Auezovа Zh.S.; Master of Education, senior lecturer G.K Aidarova and Senior Lecturer B.A. Tautina.
   Specialties 5В011800 - "Russian language and literature", 5В012200 - "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction", the department has PhD, associate professor Koldasbaeva Z.Sh., awarded medal im.I.Altynsarina; Senior Lecturer Abdrashitova R.A., MA, senior lecturer Ibrahim A.E. and teacher Kasymov AD
   Objectives of the Department
• Creating the necessary conditions for education aimed at the formation, development and professional development of the person on the basis of national and universal values of science and practice.
• Mastery of linguistic disciplines that serve the formation of students' concepts about the structure of linguistics as a science and of language as a system and mechanism of functioning, as well as - knowledge of the theory and methodology of linguistics, taking into account the change of scientific paradigms and principles of formation and development of the theory of language.
• Students should gain an understanding of the phonetic and phonological systems of modern Kazakh, Russian languages, the methods of derivation and grammatical categories morphology CPn; syntactic system, its units, classifications and standards of operation.
• Mastery of literary disciplines that give an idea of the basic theoretical concepts with the achievements of world literature, contribute to the understanding of the laws of the leading artistic creativity needed for the analysis of aesthetic specificity of literature as an art form of written words; equip students with the necessary knowledge on the history of Russian, Kazakh and world literature; acquainted with the evolution of sorts and genres, techniques and trends; with the work of distinguished writers, whose works are a contribution to the national and world culture.
• Improving the management of teaching quality.
• Participation in international and national scientific - theoretical conferences.
• In order to attract students to college work due to urban schools, with educational institutions Arkalyk, Amangeldi, Zhangeldinskogo districts and schools in border areas of Akmola region.
• In order to improve the image of the teaching profession and institution strengthening agitation and informative work
Teaching staff
Total - 12, including:
• 6 candidates of sciences;
• 6 masters;
• 4 professors ArkSPI im.I.Altynsarina;
• 2 assistant professor CCES MES RK, 1 Associate Professor ArkSPI im.I.Altynsarina;
• 6 senior teachers;
Key research areas at the department:
  «T. Nurtazin and modern Kazakh Literature» candidate of Philology Rakhmetova B.A. «The art world of the write r G. Mustafin» candidate of Philology Valihanov S. A. «The Torgay poetic school and the creation of akyn teachers»
candidate of Philology Kaliev Aibek Kikbaevich . «The literatury heritage of the writer K.Satybaldin» senior lekturer master Shakirova K. M. «The literary heritage of the writer Akan Nurmanov» senior lekturer master Abdullina A. A.
«The development of cognitive competence among the students at the lesson of Kazakh language with the help of national pedagogy » senior lekturer master Aidarova G.K.
«The development of spiritual morality of the students with the help of artwork»
senior lekturer Tautina B.A.
Study of the history and theory of Kazakh literature, research heritage of leading scientists and critics T.Nurtazina, G.Mustafina, K.Satybaldina, T.Alimkulova, A.Nurmanova and others.
Study of the problems of formation of linguistic identity in the context of modern communication education, research on regional ethnolinguistics example Kostanai region and others.
Outstanding graduates:
   Known throughout Kazakhstan poets and singers Zh.Kutzhanova A.Ormanshina - graduates of our department.
Chair of Pride - Dr. Philology. Sciences, professor, head of post-graduate of the Institute of Social and Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russian Federation) I.K.Karabulatova; Police Lieutenant Colonel, senior operations officer for particularly important cases of the Department of Criminal Police of MIA RK Makybaeva C. C .; Head of Documentation of the Department of Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Septenova AA, chief expert of the Department of documentation and control of the Ministry for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Abdibekov GA, candidate of philological sciences A.Maybalaeva, d. Philology. n. S.Erzhanova; Secretary of Arkalyk city maslikhat Tasmaganbet SN, director of Turgai liberal arts college im.N.Kulzhanovoy Almatov SU, director of school number '44 Astana Orynbaev B. Sh Sauyt JC Director OR it. T. Aubakirova, director of secondary school №5 Arkalyk U.B.Seydalina and others.
  News of the chair
  In 2016 graduates Әbdіmәlіkova Gauһar and Kaliyeva Perizat, graduated 5B012200 specialty "Russian language and literature in schools with non-Russian language of instruction", entered the Masters South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University, specialty "Philology" (Chelyabinsk, Russia); 5B011700 graduates of the specialty "Kazakh language and literature" Toremuratov Talgat entered magistracy LLP "University" Syrdarya "6M011700 specialty" Kazakh language and literature "(Zhetysai of South Kazakhstan region) and Keldibay Aktolkyn entered the magistracy of the University" Turan-Astana "specialty 6M011700 "Kazakh language and literature".
  Among the gradutes of 2016- 2017 speciality “Kazakh education” Arslan Aidana received the State University of Zhetisay. Zhansugurov Magissracy, as well. Abdikfdir Gulsezim Kuanyshbekovna and Aliya Orinbekovna entered the South Kfzakhstan State Pedagogical University.Also, on specialy 5B0011700 – “Kazakh Langufge and Literature” Aytu Ulbolsyn Salimbekovbna ebterted the Regional – Sociality Innovative Univtrsity of Shymkent, Begalieve Moldir in South Kazakhstan State University, Zhetisay University of Syrdarya, Iskak Nazem Bahramovna at the “Bolashak” university Kyzylorda


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