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Department of Foreign Languages, Russian Language and Literature

Department of Foreign Languages, Russian Language and Literature

Tel .: 8 (71430) 7-13-81, internal.123 

The department is located in the main building of the Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute on the 3 floor, room №331

   Brief information about the department
The department trains students of the specialty 5B011900 - "Foreign language: two foreign languages";
Period of studying: full-time - 4 years, full-time brief course - 3 years; distance learning brief course - 3 years.
Academic degree: Bachelor of Foreign Languages
   Brief historical background
The department was founded in 1993. From that day hundreds of graduates have finished it,who are the pride of our university.
RakhmetovaSauleAlekenovna – experienced, honored teacher, associate professor of the Institute worked as the Head of the Department of Foreign Languages from the founding of the institute.
The department collaborates with teachers from near and far abroad:
- the scientist from Germany Shpere conducted a special course at the German-Kazakh specialty;
- a volunteer from the USA TivanSigetti worked at the English-Kazakh specialty for two years from 2008.
- a volunteer Ian Dummler, representative of the Goethe Institute in Germany, Bonn, conducted seminars among teachers and students in 2009.
- Catherine Book, a volunteer, representative of the University of Bristol led classes for students of 2-4 courses.
2 – Candidates of Science;
2 – seniorteachers;
11 – Masters;
2 – Teachers;

Main research areas of the department
The theme of the Chair: “Scientific-methodological model in formation of the research competence of the Chair.”
The research work of the department covers the following areas:
- strengthening the link of the students with other educational institutions;
- participation in conferences at various standards;
- guidance of the research work of the students;
- publication of scientific and teaching materials;
- to prepare students for Olympiads;
- training and assistance to the students traveling abroad by program «CCUSA», «Bolashak" and "DAAD".
  Teachers training courses
  Senior teacher of the Departmentof the Practical course of the Kazakh, Russian and Foreign languages Assanova A.K. from 21-29 November 2013 attended training courses for teachers of Universities at the National     Center for Professional Development "Orleu" in the UK, Newcastle;
  Teacher Shtatbaeva G.S. was trained at the course "The use of information and communication technologies in teaching foreign languages" at the Kazakh University of International Languages during 16-28 December 2013 in Almaty
   Teachers Abdrakhmanova R.B., TurgumbekovaB.N.attended the training courses at the National Center for Professional Development"Orleu" in the period from 24 May to 10 June 2014.
  Teacher of the Department of the Practical course of the Kazakh, Russian and Foreign languages OspanovaZh.A.from 2 to 12 June 2014 attended training courses for teachers at the National Center for Professional Development "Orleu" in the UK, Norwich in Norwich Institute for Language Education.
  Senior lecturer of the Chair AselAssanova has completed the training course initiated by “Nazarbaev intellectual school” and Education Department of Cambridge University aimed at improving quality professor and teaching staff of the higher educational institutions of RK.
In 2015 lecturers of the Chair Zh.Aubakirova, A.Shongalovahave graduated masters degree from Turan-Astana University.
Senior lecturer of the chair AselAssanova entered the Doctors degree Department of the Kazakh University of International affairs and International Languages named after Abylaikhan.
Lecturer of the Chair MakpalOskina has completed improving qualification course “Orleu” in Dussedorf, Germany “Innovation Methoden……… 25.05.15-03.06.15
Lecturer of the Chair Zh.Aubakirova has finished training improvement course at “Orleu” from May 24 till June 10, 2014.
Lecturer of the Chair A.Shongalova, Zh.Bakirova, have finished improving qualification course at “Orleu” in May 2015.
On September 21, 2015 senior lecturer of the Chair R.Abdrakhmanova presented a Competition among the first- year students “Language is the power of unity” devoted for the Day of Knowledge. Members of different Nationalities performed songs, poems in Kazakh, Uzbek, Tatar, Russian, Turkmen, Kirghiz and other languages.
Participation of the department in conferences and seminars
   November 29, 2013 in Rodina high school teachers of the department conducted a seminar "Formation of professional competence - the main condition for the development of the skills of teachers";
In February 28, 2014 the Department of the PCKRFL hold a scientific seminar "Qualitative education is the principles of new technologies";
Methodical work
Publication of training manuals
Abdrakhmanova R.B. "The collection of tests on the Kazakh language" 2013. September;
Turgumbekova B.N., G.E. Temirgalieva "Complex sentence as a structural semantic unit of the syntax"
Anapin E.H. «Advanced communicative games»;
AbdrakhmanovaR.B.Temirgalieva G.E. Development of Kazakh-Russian dictionary of biological terms;
A.K.Asanova, "Collection of texts and assignments for the students' independent work for non-specific learners"
Outstanding graduates
Baydrakhmanov D. (1997) - ENU by.L.Gumilev – Candidate of sciences, head of the department
Zhamalieva A. (1999) - AJIP Operating Company – interpreter
Mustafina S. (1999) - AJIP Operating Company – advisor
Mazhitova A. (2002) - «Shevroil KZ» (Atyrau) – interpreter
Moldakhmetova A. (1998) - construction company (Astana) – interpreter
Additional Information:
  Department of the practical course of the Kazakh, Russian and Foreign languages closely cooperates with the Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named after Abylaikhan, with AlmatyInstitute named after Goethe.
Our prospects
  Students are trained on grants in the specialty 5B011900 "Foreign language: two foreign languages"
Students regularly participate in programs «Work and travel in the USA» and «CCUSA», that gives a great opportunity to improve English directly in the English speaking country, to be introduced with its culture. Our graduates are demanded in schools, high schools, colleges and universities, as well as in companies all over the republic, and the countries of near and far abroad.



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