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Departmen of Preschool and Primary Education

 Duysebekova Aysaule Esengazievna 

 Head of the department of "Methods of preschool and primary education", assistant professor of ArkSPI

Phone: 8(71430) 7-55-72
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The Department is located on the 2nd floor of building №2 of ArkSPI 

Brief historical summary: 

Initially, in 1997, established the department "Methods of primary education" which work the training of "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education".
The first head of the department - candidate of pedagogical sciences AbdrakhmanovKaidaiylAbdrakhmanovich.
The department consisted of graduates of the Kazakh State Women's pedagogical Institute, East - Kazakhstan University, Karaganda pedagogical Institute, they are -Ospanov Bazar Ospanovich, ShaimenovaLyazzatSerikovna, Zhandildina RosaEsentaevna, Lee ElenaDmitrevna., ZhakovaSauleSaibulatovna, ShakirovaKatiraMeiramovna, AigisinaZhanarBaltabaevna.
From 2000 years specialists are trained "Preschool training and education". Head of the department was appointed B. R. Kaskataeva. Since 2004 head of the department was senior lecturer Akhmetova A. P.
As an independent unit the department of "Methods of preschool and primary education" exists since September 2007 (order No. 429), head of the department was appointed DuisembekovaAysauleEsengalievna, candidate of philological sciences, assistant professor. Currently the chair prepares students on specialties 5B010100 -"Pre-school education and upbringing" and 5B010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education". 

The objectives of the Department:
• Improvement of the laboratory "Baldyrgan" in the Department, working on the program "Balapan";
• Development of security specialties "Preschool education and training", "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" teaching tools.
• To prepare and produce training and educational tools of the teachers of the Department, for primary school teachers and teachers for preschool institutions (across RIO Institute). 

The faculty of the Department consists – 17
candidate of philological sciences – 4
maser, senior lecturer - 8
lecturer -3
part-time: master -2


Main directions of scientific activity at the department:
The research theme of the department is carried out in accordance with the General theme: "Pedagogical bases of formation of scientific knowledge of future teachers". 

Participation of faculty in conferences and seminars:
Staff of the Department actively participate in national, regional and scientific-theoretical conferences and conferences held by the Institute. 

Significant publications of the department:
   Assistant professor A. E. Duisembekova on the topic of research: "Forming national values in the primary schools based on the method of Abay" were published the following article: "Market modern methods of training of qualified specialists", "Origins of the formation of social pedagogy as an independent science in Germany".
Dauletova A.C with on the topic of research: "The ways to teach of literacy and oral speech for primary school" were published the following article: "Comparative complex sentences made by a generalization".
Teacher Vishtak N.K. on the topic of research was published this article: "Inclusive education as a contemporary model of education of persons with disabilities".
Teacher M. N. Ospanbekova on the research theme: "To develop the creative potential of primary school on the basis of technology "TRIZ"" published the following article: "Technology "TRIZ" – the basis of the development of the creative potential of the primary school".
Teacher S. K. Temirkhanov on the research theme "The formation of cultural behavior in preschool chilren" were published the following articles: "The formation of socially oriented behavior of prescool children"
Teacher Galimzhanova Z. T. research on topic: "The ways to interst of fiction for primary school" were published the following article: "The way organizations connected with behavior of girls in Higher educational Institutions", "The beginning of the era of Kazakh literary language", " The level of knowledge of the Kazakh literary language".
Teacher A.B.Kara on the topic of research work:
" Formation of research culture of primary school in conditions of new educational paradigm" published the following article: "The possibilities of the subject in the formation of research culture of pupils of initial classes on the knowledge of the world".
Educational-methodical work:
   In the 2014-2015 academic year were held 5 open lessons of the Department, the first open lesson of the faculty of pre-school, 1 open lesson at the level of the Institute. Lecturer B. E. Baiken 10.11.2014, discipline "Teaching children through play" in group PL-21 on the theme "Didactic games - a method of learning". Master senior lecturer M. N. Ospanbekova held an open lesson on discipline "Modern pedagogical technologies" on the theme: " Technology critical thinking ". Lecturer D.K.Omarova on 19.11.2014 in the group PL -22 on the subject "Psychological and pedagogical basics of the game" on "Fun activities in preschool age" held an open lesson at the faculty level. Master, senior lecturer S. K. Temirkhanov 10.12.2014 in a group of PL-31 on the subject " History of preschool pedagogy" on the theme " Moral education in preschool period", senior lecturer A. A. Dyakova 12.12.2014, on the subject " Fundamentals of elementary mathematics" on " Quantitative expressions and expressions with a variable", A. B. Kara 11.03.2015 in group PL-21 on the discipline of " Fundamentals of speech and speech" on "Dyslalia", A. S. G. Dauletova 07.04.2015 in groups PL-31; PL-11; PL-11 (accelerated) for the discipline "Methodology of scientific-pedagogical research " on the theme "Kinds of research work" the open lessons were conducted. 

Participation in public events:
   Teachers of the Department actively participate in social life of the Institute: organizing events, community work days, in Amateur productions, the work of the Union. For example, senior teachers, Vishtak N. To., Zhandildin R. E., M. N. Ospanbekova differed in activity and ideas. Galimzhanova Z. T. conducted educational and educational work organized club "Naz" designed for the girls of the Institute. 

    Outstanding graduates:
    A graduate of the Department of 2015 majoring in "Pedagogy and methodology of primary education" Talkanbaev A. is a master's student in WPU. 

Teacher Ospanbekova M. N. target grant received a doctorate in KazNPU named by after.Abay.
Every year a growing professional capacity of the Department.
Every year a growing professional capacity of the Department. One example of this is: A. MukhamedzhanovAnd holds a master trust grant in Kazakh state teacher training University majoring in PL. She defended her master's thesis on "Methods of teaching writing to children of preschool age". Today she works in his specialty in the Department PL.
Tazhibaeva D.B - master (KazNPU named after Abay) in the specialty of PMNO and defended master's thesis on "Development of activity of students in the learning process through the use of electronic textbooks".
And in the new school year she started her career in our team of young specialist, master ZhumabayevZhAnd the specialty of PMNO.
Senior lecturer Zhandildin R.E took 2nd place in the national competition of teachers "Distell Gina", which was organized by the scientific-methodological center "ZIAT".

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