Arkalyk State Pedagogical Institute named after Y. Altynsarin

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Office of Human Resource


Zhatkanova Zhanna Khanatova

Head of the Office of Human Resource

tel.: 8(71430) 7-24-88, innr tel.: 146

Vice head of the department:

Аbilkairova Аliya Serkebaevna

Short information about department:

Carries ont the employment of PPS, discharging, transfering to anofher post, controls using of the staff according to the Labour law;

  • Studies specialists individnal features for selecting them to new post;
  • Applying, discharging and transferring for jobs according to the labour law;
  • List of personnal staff:
  • Giving out references about present and past activitils of a specialist;
  • Keeping and filling in labour books and other documents of staff;
  • Carrying out of documents of staff;
  • Calculation of working hours, making of leaves.


  • Ensuringcontrolof  labourdiscipline
  • Daily routine and inner rules for the staff
  • Forming of the Institutes PPS and employees according to their qualifications and  labour skills
  • Keeping and listing specialists document

Guarantecing law norms in institutes activity Department employees:

head of the department, 2 specialists, inspector on military duty



                                                                             Abilkairova Aliya                                                                      Buribayeva Zhumakul

                                                                                 Specialist                                                                                        Specialist


Izteleuova Bazarkul

Inspector on military duty

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