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Center for Information Technology and Software

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Atygaev Zhanat Maratovich

Head of the Center of Information Technologies and Software

Tel.: 8 (71430)7-24-88,
CITSlocatedin the main buildingArkGPIon the 2floor, №224cabinet
Background information:
Department provide Center of Information Technologies and Software is an independent departmentof the institute.The maintask of the departmentproviding Center of Information Technologies and Software is the organizationof information supportof the educational processat the institute, organizationand relevantsupport to the processof ICTin higher education.
-Creation, equipmentand support for multimediaclassroomcomplexes;
- The acquisition, development andimplementation of automatedlearning systems:
   online tutorials,virtual labs, catalogs;
- Automationof the processof assessing studentson theway to designsystems testing;
- The development anduse of innovativeteaching methods,
   based on theinformation -communicationtechnologies;
- Preparationof resourcesfor implementationof distance learning.
The department comprises:


Tashkenbayeva Samal Abzalbekovna       

 Specialist WEB - site of the provision  Center of Information Technologies and Software


Kaztaev Alibi Altaevich

Programmer of the Center of Information Technologies and Software


Khamitbekova Nazerke Bauyrzhanovna 
Specialist of WEB-site


Makatay Aydin Bauyrzhanuli 
Programmer - engineer

For focusedimplementation and development, coordinationof information in theinstitute and in theregionestablished the Center forInformation Technology (CITArkSPIin September20072012 CIT was disbandedwith he period OOIiP operates asan independent structural unit.
Departmentproviding informationand programming (OOIiPis a structural unitArkGPII.Altynsarinbehalf, carrying outsystematicintroduction and developmentof information and communication technologies (ICTs)in collegedevelopment, implementation andsupport of projectsthat forma single multi ArkSPI educational environment (EMOS).All activitiesOOIiPcarried outin accordance withthe concepts ofcreation and development ofmulti-media ArkSPI and integrated development programs.
The basis of EMOS is educational web site ArkSPI name Y.AltynsarinAI Sprovides multiservice Platonus, accompanying automated work flowin the learning processthe learning processit selfon credit technology,postal service,file sharing, etc.


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