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Office of Academic Programs and Methodological Work

Zhumabayeva Saniya
Head of the office of Academic Programs and Methodological Work

Tel: 8 (714-30)7-13-81

Functions of the department:

  • Secure all the specialties’ of department by state education standards
  • To check the fulfillment of academic plan on specialties
  • Checking of the distribution of pedagogical hours for the new academic year;
  • To check together with economists faculty’s occupation, standards of employees, resolutions of scientific council of the institute; to check academic employment of the faculty among departments, documents of concertmasters for semester and academic year, the filling in registers by lecturers in a proper way;
  • To organize methodical aid to methodical centre`s, chairs, deans offices, to check its results;
  • To organize for publication teachers textbooks, teaching aids, lecture courses methodical materials;
  • To introduce innovational ways of teaching into learning process;
  • To analyse the quality of lecture classes on the bases of standards of higher education
  • To check and analyse the results of teaching-methodical activities for the academic year according to the plans of chairs and dean`s.
  • To check and analyze state examinations, secure the norms of diploma paper fullmilment;
  • To ensure preparations of subdivision structures documents in time;
  • To ensure management for teachers training experience in schools accorders to the agreements between institutes’ rector and educational establishments.
  • When defining the new base the chairs must consult with students
  • According to the plan of students training experience at schools compose contracts and analyse its results
  • Checks students attendance at the teaching practice and tutors for their methodical aid
  • Analyses students teaching practice, collects tutors` information, held`s the summary together with deans
  • Organises conferences on finishing pedagogical practice in all disciplines
  • Makes final report on  pedagogical practice for scientific council and rectorat
  • Checks the graduates employment for jobs
  • Analyses chairs and departments information on students teachers training experience  at educational establishments


  • The main duties of academic – methodical department: to organize teaching process according to the standards of credit techndogy and observe the demands for educational process and methodical work, Further development of educational and methodical support for preparing of highly qualified, computable specialists.
  • Conformation of  methodical instructions on types of methodical work.
  • To ensure perfect training of highly qualified specialists. Using new contemporary methods and technologies into educational process.

Subdivision includes:


Beisenova Gulim 

 Specialist office of Academic Programs and Methodological Work


Akhatova Symbat 

Specialist office of Academic Programs and Methodological Work

Brief background:

Office of Academic Programs and Methodological Work was founded in 1972.  By  the order №584, from 28.11.2007 education management was established with education department, in October 2009 education management was reformed, since that period AMD functions as a self governing structural subdivision.


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