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Rules of reception

    Reception on educating on pedagogical specialities, onspecialities requiring the special or creative preparation, comes true taking into account the results of the special orcreative examinations.

Acting on pedagogical specialities hand over the specialexamination, conducted by the receiving commissions ofhigher educational establishments.

The reception of statements of university entrants for handingover of the special examination on pedagogical specialitiescomes true in higher educational establishments from June, 20 for August, 18.

The reception of statements of university entrants for handingover of creative examinations comes true at the place ofbeing of select by them higher educational establishmentsfrom June, 20 for July, 7.

Creative examination is conducted from8 to July, 13.

Сreative examinations are estimated on the 25-point system, the special examination is "admittance" / "shutting" out.

Persons getting on creative examination less than 10 pointsor being not on him, to the complex testing for a receipt onthis speciality shut out in a current year. 

 Realization of the complex testing


The complex testing is conducted for the graduating studentsof organizations of universal middle education(middlegeneral) of past years, graduating students of technical andprofessional(initial and middle professional, послесредних) organizations of education, graduating students of generalschools, not taking part in ENT.

Reception of statements for participating in the complextesting

For participating in the complextesting a citizen gives in thereceiving commission of higher educational establishment :   

  -- statement on the form of standardpattern;         

  certificate or diploma about completion of universal middleeducation(среднеого general), technical andprofessional(initial or middle professional, послесреднего) education(original);       

-- receipt about payment for realization oftesting;       

-- 6 snapshots measuring 3х4;       

-- medical certificate of form of 086-У;         

-- copy of documents, certifyingpersonality.

The reception of statements for participating in the complextesting is conducted by the receiving commissions of highereducational establishments from June, 01 for June, 20.

The complex testing is conducted at will of acting on theKazakh or Russian languages in a volume on-line tutorials ofsecondary education on four objects:

 1. Official or Russian language(languageof educating);

 2.  History of Kazakhstan;   

 3. Mathematics;     

 4. Object on a choice.

On the complex testing taken 2 hours and 30 minutes.Retaking of testing is shut out.

Amount of test tasks on every object - 25. a right answer onevery test task is estimated by one point.  

The repeated complex testing with the purpose of put inhigher educational establishment on requiring payment basisis conducted for the participants of ENT and complex testing, not collecting a threshold point.

For participating in the repeated complex testing acting givesin the receiving commission of higher educationalestablishment :

1. Statement on the form of standardpattern;

2. Document about universal middle(middle general) ortechnical and professional(initial or middle professional, послесреднем) education(original);

3. Receipt about payment for realizationof testing;

4. 6 snapshots measuring 3x4;

5. Medical certificate in due form 086-У;

6. Copy of document, certifyingpersonality;

7. Certificate of ЕНТ or complex testing(at his presence).Reception of statements for participating in the repeatedcomplex testing - from 1 to August, 8.

The repeated complex testing is conducted - from 19 toAugusts, 24.

 Order of awarding of educational underback

Educational underbacks are awarded on competitive basis onconcrete specialities, language separations and forms ofeducating in accordance with the points of certificates onresults the single national testing or complex testing inobedience to the order of the specialities declared universityentrants with a certification about awarding of educationalunderback.In a competition on the receipt of educational underbackpoints on the Kazakh or Russian language(language ofeducating), histories of Kazakhstan are taken into account, tomathematics and object on a choice.

In a statement a citizen for participating in a competition onthe receipt of educational underback specifies the specialityand higher educational establishment chosen by him.At the coincidence of object on a choice a citizen can specifyfour specialities.Statements for participating in a competition on awarding ofeducational underbacks are accepted from 23 to July, 31.

The lists of possessors of educational underback arepublished in facilities by mass

Testifying to awarding of educational underback together withthe documents handed over by citizens for participating in acompetition, given out by receiving commissions not laterthan August, 15.

 Put in higher educational establishments


Reception of persons, entering higher educationalestablishments of Republic of Kazakhstan comes true on theirstatements on competitive basis in accordance with the pointsof the certificate given out on results the single nationaltesting or complex testing.     

-- statement addressed to a chancellor;

- document about universal middle(middle general),technicaland professional(initial and middle professional, послесреднем) or higher education( original );     

--  certificate of ЕНТ or complex testing;     

 -- 6 snapshots measuring 3х4;     

 -- medical certificate of form of 086-У;     

 -- copy of document, certifyingpersonality;     

 -- document, giving a right on privileges(ifI am ).

Put in the number of students of possessors of stateeducational underback and on contractual basis conducted bythe receiving commissions of higher educationalestablishments from 10 to August, 25.

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